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Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine: How to Get There, What to See, and More

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is a popular shrine located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. It is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. The shrine is a popular tourist destination, and is one of the most visited shrines in Japan. Here is what you need to know about Meiji Shrine, including how to get there, what to see, and more. What to Do:

Personal Prayer at Meiji Shrine:

In the personal prayer, you first write down your wishes to God for family safety, marriage, health, academic success, etc. Then you are taken to a tatami room where you can watch priests in ancient costumes purify the place with the sound of bells, a performance of Gagaku (ancient court music) on ancient instruments and flutes (a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), and a Miko (shrine maiden) dance performance. Finally, with your heart cleansed and refreshed, you receive an Ofuda, which is an amulet filled with your wishes along with the power of today's prayer.

Personal Prayer at Meiji Shrine Tour You will find the beautiful Torii gate and deeply forested and beautiful gardens. Walking a path in the Meiji Shrine will make you forget that you are in the central area of Tokyo’s business district. This place is also believed by Japanese that the place is full of positive spiritual energy that warms and fills your heart. Let’s enjoy the walk in the fresh air while studying Japanese cultures and making wishes.

Private Meiji Shrine Tour with Sushi Experience:

You can enjoy a guided tour only with your family and friends. This is a Tokyo tour using public transportation. The destinations of the tour includes Sushi making experience, Tsukiji outer market, Meiji Jingu Shrine. Enjoy the famous shrine , Sushi making experience and traditional fish market with knowledgeable explanations by professional guides. Let's make sushi with a professional sushi chef in a long-established restaurant! For details of the tour, you can look at the what to expect section and inclusions excursions section of this web page.

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How to Get There:

Meiji Shrine is located in the heart of Tokyo, and is easily accessible by public transportation. The closest train station is Harajuku Station, which is served by the JR Yamanote Line. From there, it is a short 10-minute walk to the shrine.

How Much Does it Cost:

Admission to Meiji Shrine is free.

What Can You See: Meiji Shrine is a large complex consisting of several buildings and gardens. The main shrine is located in the center of the complex, and is surrounded by a large forest. Other attractions include the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, which houses a collection of portraits of the Emperor and Empress, and the Meiji Jingu Treasure House, which houses a collection of artifacts related to the Meiji period.

What Train Station is Closest:

The closest train station to Meiji Shrine is Harajuku Station, which is served by the JR Yamanote Line.

What is the History:

Meiji Shrine was built in 1920 to commemorate the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. The shrine was destroyed during World War II, but was rebuilt in 1958.

What is the Address:

Meiji Shrine is located at 1-1 Yoyogi Kamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan.

Meiji Shrine is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. With its beautiful gardens and historic buildings, it is a great place to explore and learn about Japanese culture. Be sure to check it out when you are in Tokyo!

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