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Japan Holidays June

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

June is an exciting month in Japan, with several holidays and festivals taking place throughout the month. From the traditional celebration of Children’s Day to the modern celebration of Marine Day, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Japan during the month of June.

The first holiday of the month is Children’s Day, celebrated on May 5th. This holiday is dedicated to the health and happiness of children and is celebrated by flying koinobori, colorful carp-shaped windsocks, in the sky. Families also take the opportunity to dress their sons in traditional samurai armor and display samurai dolls in their homes.

The second holiday is Marine Day, celebrated on the third Monday of June. This holiday was created to honor the ocean and its importance to the Japanese people. It is celebrated by taking part in beach activities such as swimming, fishing, and sailing.

The third holiday is Tanabata, celebrated on July 7th. This holiday is based on a Chinese legend about two stars that are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year. On this day, people write their wishes on pieces of paper and hang them on bamboo trees.

The fourth holiday is the Obon Festival, celebrated on August 15th. This festival is dedicated to honoring the spirits of deceased ancestors. People visit their family graves, light bonfires, and offer prayers to their ancestors.

Finally, the last holiday of the month is the Autumnal Equinox, celebrated on September 23rd. This holiday marks the start of the autumn season and is celebrated by visiting temples and offering prayers to the gods.

No matter what holiday you choose to celebrate in Japan during the month of June, you will be sure to have a memorable experience. From the traditional celebrations to the modern festivities, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Japan during this month.

Japan Holidays June

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