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7  Day Foodie Adventure Japan

Tokyo, Mt Fuji

Welcome to Tokyo, Japan! Tokyo is a vibrant city with a unique culture and plenty of exciting things to do.

This 7 day Tokyo Japan itinerary will take you through the city's main attractions, from the bustling streets of Tokyo to the iconic Mount Fuji.

You'll experience the best of Tokyo tours, from exploring the city's vibrant nightlife to taking in the stunning views from the top of Mount Fuji.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this itinerary will give you the perfect introduction to Tokyo and its many wonders.

From traditional Japanese gardens to ancient temples, and from sumo wrestling to shopping in the world's largest fish market, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make your trip one to remember.

The best thing is you can book your entire Tokyo Japan Tour completely online with our booking links!

7 Day Japan Foodie Tour Itinerary 

Day Four (Disney Land or Disney SEA)

Day Five (Full Day Mt Fuji Bus Tour)

Day 6 (Tsukiji Fish Market Tour & Tokyo By Night Tour)

Day Seven (Departure Day)

Arrival Back Home

Today you visit Disney Land Tokyo or Disney SEA Tokyo

Today is a full day of Sightseeing in Mt Fuji by Bus. Enjoy sightseeing near Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji, including a Lake Ashi cruise and a visit to Mt. Komagatake during this full-day trip by a coach from Tokyo.

See the celebrated Mt. Fuji during a stop at its famous 5th Station, then take a laid-back boat cruise on beautiful Lake Ashi before touring Mt. Komagatake’s ropeway and summit, offering amazing views of nearby Hakone National Park.

Full-day trip to Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi, and Mt Komagatake Japanese-style lunch included (if option selected) Enjoy a sightseeing cruise on beautiful Lake Ashi

Visit the Japanese Buddhism Temple and Shinto Shrine and have a feel of the Japanese view on religion. Walk around the Tsukiji Fish Market Street to enjoy the excellent seafood, and try the amazing Donburi Bowl. 
In the evening we Explore 10 urban and local areas around Shinjuku through places that are both popular and hidden.

Visit the famous Scramble Crossing in Shibuya and learn how to take beautiful photos.

Take photos around these areas: become the director of your very own photoshoot!

Keep the memories and get 20 professionally edited photos of YOU taken during the tour.

It's the day of your departure from Tokyo, take your booked shuttle or JR Pass Train to Narita or Haneda Airports Tokyo.

Today is a full day of Sightseeing in Mt Fuji by Bus. Enjoy sightseeing near Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji, including a Lake Ashi cruise and a visit to Mt. Komagatake during this full-day trip by a coach from Tokyo.

7-Day Japan Foodie Itinerary: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

Day 1: Arrival in Tokyo

  • Arrive at Tokyo's Narita or Haneda Airport.

  • Check into your accommodation at Keio Plaza Tokyo.

  • Take a stroll around the vibrant Shinjuku area and explore its many dining options.

  • In the evening, embark on a food tour to sample delicious local street food and traditional Japanese dishes.

Day 2: Tokyo Food Exploration

  • Start your day with a visit to Tsukiji Fish Market, where you can experience the bustling atmosphere and savor fresh sushi and seafood.

  • Head to Asakusa and visit Senso-ji Temple. Try traditional Japanese snacks like senbei (rice crackers) and taiyaki (fish-shaped pastries).

  • Enjoy a traditional multi-course lunch at a local restaurant.

  • In the evening, join a food tour in the vibrant neighborhoods of Shibuya or Shinjuku to try a variety of Japanese cuisine, from yakitori (grilled skewers) to ramen.

Day 3: Travel to Kyoto

  • Use your JR Pass to take a Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto.

  • Check into your accommodation in Kyoto. Recommended options include Hotel Kanra Kyoto or Kyoto Hotel Okura.

  • Explore the historic district of Higashiyama and visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

  • Indulge in a kaiseki dinner, a traditional multi-course meal that showcases the finest seasonal ingredients.

Day 4: Kyoto Food Discoveries

  • Start your day with a visit to Nishiki Market, known as "Kyoto's Kitchen." Sample local delicacies such as matcha (green tea) sweets, pickles, and fresh seafood.

  • Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony experience, sipping on matcha tea and tasting wagashi (Japanese sweets).

  • Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha, known for its thousands of vibrant torii gates.

  • In the evening, join a Kyoto food tour to explore the city's hidden culinary gems and enjoy a delicious dinner at a local izakaya (traditional pub).

Day 5: Osaka Food Adventure

  • Take a short train ride from Kyoto to Osaka using your JR Pass.

  • Check into your accommodation in Osaka. Recommended options include Swissotel Nankai Osaka or InterContinental Osaka.

  • Explore the vibrant Dotonbori area, known for its street food and vibrant atmosphere. Try local specialties like takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes).

  • Visit Kuromon Ichiba Market, a food lover's paradise with an abundance of fresh seafood, fruits, and local snacks.

  • In the evening, join an Osaka food tour to experience the city's famous "kuidaore" (eat until you drop) culture and indulge in delicious local dishes.

Day 6: Osaka Culinary Delights

  • Start your day with a visit to Osaka Castle, a historical landmark with beautiful gardens.

  • Enjoy a traditional kaiseki lunch at a local restaurant.

  • Visit the Umeda Sky Building for panoramic views of Osaka and have dinner at one of the city's renowned restaurants.

  • End the day with a visit to Shinsekai, a retro neighborhood famous for its lively atmosphere and local street food.

Day 7: Departure from Osaka

  • Check out from your accommodation in Osaka.

  • Depending on your flight departure time, you can explore more of Osaka or visit nearby attractions such as Nara or Kobe.

  • Depart from Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka, marking the end of your foodie adventure in Japan.

Please note that this itinerary provides a general outline and can be adjusted based on your preferences and the availability of food tours and attractions. Make sure to check the timings, opening hours, and reservations in advance for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Bon appétit!

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